You can choose from the formerly unchosen, single or double rooms (17,5-30 m2) with furniture, bath room, terrace (min. 5m2), and panoramic view. It is no problem at all, if You personally would like to furnish Your room, in which there are telephone, cable TV and internet connection, as well. You can receive family members, guests here or in any of our intimate common rooms, or in the restaurant. We can organize your family or fraternity gatherings in rooms separated on request.

Services included in the Contribution Fee

Daily 4 meals made out of fresh food prepared in our own kitchen are serviced in our representative restaurant – for the diseased in their own apartment, of course. A dietetics experts are responsible that only healthy, quality, still, delicious meals should be serviced to the tables. If you are a vegetarian, or require special diet because of an illness, that means no problem to us, either.

  • the staff take care of the daily cleaning of the apartment.
  • for us, it is natural, that, in favour of your health and comfort, you are welcome to avail yourself of the house’s swimming pool, the gym, or the physiotherapist.
  • in our theatre hall, we offer a wide range of cultural programs. In case you would like to order theatre, movie or concert tickets, we are of assistance.

Medical Services Included in the Contribution Fee

A general practicioner’s station, infirmary room and 24-hour nurse supervision are to serve your comfort and feeling of safety. We plan to employ a psysician-cardiologist, a reumatologist and an ophthalmologist in the house in favour of the health of our inhabitants. If needed, we transport our inhabitants to hospitals or clinics at the cost of the institution, with our own vehicle.

Further Services for Additional Fees

A hairdresser, a chiropodist, a dentist and a masseur contributes to your comfort and well being. On demand, we organize excursions together. In addition, if you would like to go on a summer holiday, we could help organize that for you, as well. In the near future, a chemistry and an optician store is going to open in the building.

If you would like to spend only a few days or weeks in Normafa Twilight Home

If your family is on a trip, and you only long for a few days of rest, for a daily contribution fee, you can do that at us, as well. All the services are available for you as an inhabitant according to the above written.

Health services

The social and health services are governed by the authoritative legal regulations.
Our health staff working in the home provides services listed here:

1. Our institution provides general practician’s care (in case of handing over the health record, and re-registering in his practise)

2. The below listed specialist care are provided

  • dentist
  • geronthologist
  • reumatologist

3. organizing special medical examination, executing it as far as possible, also transporting the inhabitants to the location, with the escort of a trained nurse.

4. We provide medicinal and preventive basic care for dental and mouth problems of our inhabitants

5. In case any further hospital, specialist control, treatment or care is needed, we take care of the transport of our inhabitant with the escort of a trained nurse.

6. If our inhabitant is diagnosed to require increased care, as far as our possibilities go, we provide permanent, professional care under the control of the doctor of the institution.

Apart from the above, we provide:

  • at certain times of the day: diagnostics, medical treatment, rehabilitation or other nursing care (including special nurse care of a longer period)
  • respiration therapy, clime therapy, respiratory excercises, use of devices of inhalation
  • psysiotherapy methods, TENS device, heat therapy, biotron lamps, personal physiotherapy, stb.
  • psychological help of the patient, securing mental hygiene, on demand with help from the church
  • dietetics consultation

Teaching all the activities which can be done by the Patient or the Patient’s Family to keep up,or to restore the Patient’s health, or to prevent it from getting worse.

7. Team members:
Doctors, special nurses, physiotherapists, dietetics, mental hygiene staff, psycholgist,  community coordinator, program organizer.

8. On the advice of the doctor of the institution, we provide diverse conditioning training and physiotherapy in a room separated on this purpose – in case of good weather: outdoors – with the lead of a physiotherapist. At certain times, in the swimming pool, we hold underwater gymnastics for individuals and also for groups, if necessary we help carry out the moves properly.

The exact circumstances and conditions of the above listed services are contained in a health care contract between the institution and the inhabitant. The present list does not count as an offer.